2021 Residential Property Tax Estimator

To estimate property taxes, please look up your property's assessed value on the BC Assessment website. Check here If you need help reading your assessment.
Please note that this is only an estimate. You can access actual tax information after May by signing up for a My Maple Ridge account.


Estimate Details

Levy / Tax Amount Estimated
Taxes We Collect For Others
School Tax*
Other Agency Levies* (MVRD, Translink, BCA, MFA)
Municipal Taxes
General Purpose, Drainage & Parks Levy
Parcel Charges
Total Municipal Taxes
Utility Services
Total Utility Services
Total Current Year Taxes
Less: Home Owner Grant
Total Taxes Estimated

Please note :

  1. If your property is part of a dyking district or encumbered by a local area service charge, these charges are not included in this estimate
  2. If your property is of a farm class status and/or is in the ALR, please contact our office at revenue@mapleridge.ca for an estimate
  3. If your assessment is over $3M, you will be subject to the additional school tax, which is not taken into account on this tool. Please refer to the provincial School Tax website for more information
  4. As rates for Other Agency and School Taxes for 2021 are not yet available historic information has been used to estimate property taxes